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CAMLOK Lifting Clamps

Camlok is the established industry brand for plate clamps and other items of lifting equipment. In fabrication plants, factories, warehouses, ports and docks, on construction sites, railheads and repair and service facilities around the world, the Camlok plate clamp and related products are the number one choice.

The Camlok brand was founded on original, innovative British design and manufacture. It evolved from a general industrial need to lift and transfer steel plate either horizontally, vertically or a combination of both, in a secure and safe manner. This was achieved by using an ingenious ‘cam’ and jaw mechanism to positively lock the steel plate into a clamping device so it may be suspended from a crane hook.

The original ‘cam-lock’ principle has led to the vast spectrum of lifting clamps available today, for example: plate clamps, beam clamps, rail clamps, girder clamps, piling clamps, scissor grabs and other handling devices. This heritage generated the capability and understanding for Camlok to lead the way in engineering special non-standard lifting solutions for technically demanding applications.

All products are designed for easy repair and parts replacement, providing a lifetime of faithful service and performance and are manufactured in the UK to world-class standards under ISO9001 quality manufacturing system.

LB Wire Ropes stock a width range of Camlok clamps to suit the Australian market. Each Camlok clamp is individually proof loaded and inspected at time of manufacture and supplied with certificate of conformity for test and inspection.

Camlok TJC ‘TWIN JAW’ Vertical Plate Clamp


The TJC twin jaw vertical plate clamps have been specif...


Camlok THK Thin Sheet Horizontal Plate Clamp

THK horizontal plate clamp


The Camlok THK horizontal plate clamps share the sa...


Camlok DBT Drum Grab

Drum grab


The Camlok DBT drum grab with tipping device has been d...


Camlok TSS Non-Marking Grab

non-marking plate lifting clamp


The TSS non-marking grab with screw spindle is designed...


Camlok ACH Adjustable Horizontal Plate Clamp

Camlok ACH adjustable horizontal plate lifting clamp


The ACH horizontal plate clamps offer superb flexi...


Camlok THS Loading Horizontal Plate Clamp

Camlok THS horizontal loading plate clamp


The THS horizontal plate clamps are specifically de...


Camlok TRU Round Stock Grabs

Camlok TRU round stock grab


The TRU Round Stock Grabs are designed to pick up tubes...


Camlok TBG Block Grabs

Camlok TBG block grab


The TBG Block Grabs are designed to transport all mater...


Camlok TSA Block Grab

Camlok TSA block grab


The TSA Block Grab is useful for the transport of stone...


Camlok PR1500 Paper Reel Head Clamp

Camlok paper reel lifting clamp


The PR1500 Paper Reel Head Clamp has been developed to ...


Camlok TPZ Board Clamps

Camlok lifting clamp


TPZ Board Clamps offer a simple and effective way to ve...


Camlok TSH Swivel Hook Screw Clamps

Camlok TSH screw clamp for sheet metal


The TSH 'Swivel Hook' Screw Clamps offer many possible ...


Camlok TSZ Two Way Screw Clamps

Camlok TSZ two way screw clamp


The TSZ 'two way' screw clamps have all the same featur...


Camlok TSD Stand Screw Clamps

Camlok TSD screw clamp for sheet metal


The TSD Standard Screw Clamps offer many possible uses....


Camlok TAG Wide Jaw Universal Clamps

Camlok TAG plate lifting clamp


The TAG Universal Clamps are extremely versatile. They ...


Camlok TZH Adjustable Single Tine Hooks


The TZH Tine Hook is designed to convert your forklift ...


Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp

Camlok PP pile pulling clamp


The PP Pile Pulling Clamps appear similar to standard p...


Camlok CP Pile Pitching Clamp

Camlok CP pile lifting clamp


Designed specifically for pitching sheet steel piling a...


Camlok DVC Drum Clamp

Camlok DCV500 drum lifting clamp


The DCV500 Drum Clamp has been designed to lift and tra...


Camlok CG Girder Turning Clamps

Camlok CG girder turning clamp


The main purpose of the CG Girder Turning Clamps is for...


Camlok HG High Grip Vertical Plate Clamp

Camlok LJ universal plate lifting clamp


HG Plate Clamps have an extremely high clamping pressur...


Camlok LJ Non-Marking Plate Clamps

Camlok LJ non marking plate lifting clamp


The LJ Non-marking Plate Clamps are designed for liftin...


Camlok CX Hinged Vertical Plate Clamp

Camlok CX universal plate lifting clamp


The CX Plate Clamp shares all the benefits of the CY cl...


Camlok CY Hinged Vertical Plate Clamp

Camlok CY universal plate lifting clamp


The CY Plate Clamps with hinged hook rings can be used ...


Camlok CZ Heavy Duty Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

Camlok CZ vertical plate lifting clamp


This heavy duty plate clamp with welded body can be use...


Camlok 92 Series Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

Camlok vertical plate lifting clamps


This light weight plate clamp can be used for transport...


Camlok CH Heavy Duty Horizontal Plate Clamp

Camlok CH horizontal plate lifting clamp


Used in pairs the CH plate clamp is designed for loadin...