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G100 Lifting Chains & Slings

Grade 100 lifting chain is manufactured from hardened and tempered steel and complies to AS2321. When used with G100 components and fittings there is a higher strength-to-weight ratio when compared to a Grade 80 chain sling.

LB Wire Ropes assemble the chain slings in-house and are highly customisable to suit a specific application if required. Standard single, two, three or four-leg chain slings with chain shortners and self-locking hooks are commonly used for general lifting applications. All chain slings are tested (proof load) and inspected at time of assembly and supplied with a test certificate conforming to AS3775.

LB Wire Ropes also inspect, repair and test old chain slings to assist our customers maintain their chain slings in good working order and comply with Australian Standard, site and safety regulations, ask about our Inspection and Testing Service (ITS) today.

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