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Black Rat 4WD Polyester Towing Strap


With safety and ease of handling in mind, Black Rat have produced a 4 metre polyester (snatch-em) Towing Strap that has a built in elasticised retention cord, incorporating the safety technology of polyester load bearing fibres that are traditionally incorporated in round sling manufacture. Comes complete with black reinforced eyes protection at each end. In the event that the strap is pulled to its breaking strain, the inner load bearing fibres will bunch up and not spring back, thus eliminating the sling shot effect that would normally occur with a nylon Snatch-em strap. It has the advantage of having a 30% stretch factor of its original length, which enables the user to slowly pull/move a vehicle out of a problem situation. Minimum breaking strain MBS 12,000 kgs. Supplied in vinyl carry bag. Not to be used for lifting


Part Number Model Description
4WD-BE-342309BK 342309BK Black Rat 4WD polyester towing strap


Black Rat

Black Rat