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Commercial Regular


The PWB Anchor range of Proof Coil Chain manufactured in Australia is from low grade carbon steel and available in a variety of link dimensions. Suitable for a wide range of applications across the manufacturing, marine and agricultural industries. This versatile range of chain is proof tested to at least twice the maximum load recommended for normal use. Also available in self-colour


Part Number Chain Size
Finish Metres / 100kg
C03.0CRG 3 Galvanised 585
C04.0CRG 4 Galvanised 367
C05.0CRG 5 Galvanised 238
C06.0CRG 6 Galvanised 135.7
C08.0CRG 8 Galvanised 87.7
C10.0CRG 10 Galvanised 57.8
C13.0CRG 13 Galvanised 34.6
C16.0CRG 16 Galvanised 18.6
C20.0CRG 20 Galvanised 12
C24.0CRG 24 Galvanised 8.4

* Not suitable for lifting. Dimensions and weights subject to commercial tolerances.


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