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Stainless Steel Balustrading

Balustrading made from stainless steel wire rope and fittings provide a simple and attractive method of securing access around a balcony or decking. Quality wire rope in G304 or G316 of various constructions are available, for example, 1×19 (stiff) 7×7 (semi flexible) and 7×19 (very flexible). A wide variety of quality fittings made from G316 are suitable for both coastal and inland applications.

G304 has a good level of corrosion resistance, but when located in coastal locations is prone to staining. It may require periodic fresh water wash down with a mild hydrochloric or nitric acid wash.

G316 is considered the premium grade and suitable for coastal locations as it offers a higher resistance to corrosion than G304.

These range of fittings and wire ropes are easily installed and suitable for trade installation or a DIY project.

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