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Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters

The Schmalz Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifting system is the intelligent answer to your handling problems. Its secret: only one medium is responsible for holding the load and lifting it… VACUUM!

There is no need for hoists, manipulators or pneumatic cylinders to pick up and lift the workpiece. The operator controls the vacuum in the system with a valve on the control handle. A higher vacuum lifts the load, a lower vacuum lowers it.

Fast and frequent lifting and moving of workpieces weighing up to 300 kg, for example:
• Handling goods such as cardboard boxes, bags, barrels, buckets and jugs within in-house logistics processes
• Loading and unloading CNC machining centers

Your Benefits
• Increased productivity thanks to reduced handling and loading times
• Secure, damage-free gripping by using vacuum
• Minimization of downtime due to employee injury
• Increase in employee motivation
• Only one person for handling

Design and Function
The lifting unit, operating unit, suction pads and vacuum generator on the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo can be configured according to customer specifications. The Jumbo is characterized by its lifting unit, which contracts and extends when lifting and lowering the load. The large effective suction area confers a safe holding of the workpiece. Schmalz also offers a comprehensive range of accessories and a complete system with a highly responsive aluminum crane upon request.

Product Overview
Three high-performance types for a variety of applications: JumboFlex, JumboErgo and JumboSprint differ in the form and function of their operator handles and are conceived in each case for specific applications.


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