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Grade L


PWB Anchor Grade L Chain. Manufactured in Australia, in a short link configuration meeting the requirements of Australian Standard AS2321, PWB Anchor Grade L Chain is the highest quality lower tensile steel available for lifting purposes with a Design Factor of 5:1. PWB Anchor Grade L Chain is also recommended for use in Fathom Chain and mooring applications and is now available with an increased Maximum Working Load (MWL) based on a Design Factor of 4:1. Also available in self-colour finish.


Part Number Chain Size
Design 5:1 (Lifting)
WLL (tonnes)
Design 4:1 (Mooring)
WLL (tonnes)
Finish Metres / 100kg
C06.0LSG 6 0.40 0.50 Galvanised 110
C08.0LSG 8 0.64 0.80 Galvanised 67.8
C10.0LSG 10 1.00 1.26 Galvanised 43.2
C13.0LSG 13 1.70 2.10 Galvanised 27.8
C16.0LSG 16 2.58 3.20 Galvanised 17.5
C20.0LSG 20 4.03 5.00 Galvanised 11.1
C22.0LSG 22 5.06 6.30 Galvanised 9.2

* The MWL (Maximum Working Load) stated for Grade L and Fathom Chains based on a Design Factor of 4:1 is for guidance in the selection of a chain with sufficient strength for use in mooring or marine applications.

The WLL (Working Load Limit) stated for Grade L Chain is rated for general conditions of use to group classification of crane mechanisms of M3 as specified in AS1418.1, and in accordance with AS2321 for industrial lifting applications.

For other than general conditions of use the WLL shall be adjusted to conform to the group classification of crane mechanisms as specified in AS1418.1 for the conditions of use that apply.

Dimensions and masses subject to commercial tolerances and design changes without notice.