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4WD Equipment

4WD recovery and recreation equipment designed with the 4WD enthusiast in mind. Enjoy your time off-road, we can help you with an extensive range of equipment including the wire rope hoist, the wire rope puller, the wire rope winch, shackles, straps and safety kits, all of which can be relied upon out in the bush.

Black Rat 4WD Recovery Hoist


This light weight robust steel hoist is simple and safe...


Black Rat 4WD Folding Recovery Shovel

4WD equipment


Description This compact, light weight shovel is made f...


Black Rat 4WD Polyester Equalising Strap


50mm x 4 metre equalising strap, black polyester webbin...


Black Rat 4WD Rated Towing Hooks Kit


This handy accessory on your vehicle allows easy coupli...


Black Rat 4WD Off-Road Blocks


Specially designed for off-road use, a robust sheave bl...


Black Rat 4WD Grade 70 Combo Drag Chain Kit


This is one of the products most used in 4WD vehicles. ...


Black Rat Ratchet Polyester Webbing Assembly c/w Hook & Keeper


When lashing down loads in a 4WD situation, it is impor...


Black Rat 4WD Ratchet Tie Down Assembly c/w ’S’ Hook


This light duty 25mm x 4m polyester webbing tie down as...


Black Rat 4WD Safety Recovery Kit


The essential safety accessory when going off road. The...


Black Rat 4WD Polyester Towing Strap


With safety and ease of handling in mind, Black Rat hav...


Black Rat Polyester Tree Trunk Protector


Designed as a method of tying-off or anchoring a vehicl...


Black Rat 4WD Winch Extension Strap


50mm black polyester webbing with minimum breaking stra...