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ZOLL AED Plus® Automated External Defibrillator – Semi-Automatic with AED Cover

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ZOLL AED 3™ Automated External Defibrillator – Fully Automatic

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Schmalz Sprint Vacuum Lifting Device for sack


Developed with ruggedness in mind.

The JumboSprint, with its sturdy design and construction, is perfectly suited to rugged conditions.

It’s perfect for multi-walled bags, sacks, stones, concrete pavers, as well as cardboard boxes.

Stainless-Steel version of the JumboSprint is also available, making it an ideal materials handling aide for both the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

The JumboSprintEx version of the JumboSprint is also available, making it an ideal for operating in explosion protection zones.

Applications Include:

  • Stacking product onto pallets from a conveyor
  • Feeding hoppers or mixers with bags of product
  • Lifting boxes too heavy to lift manually

Control Handle Options:

Standard Controller 250mm Handle Length

Standard Controller 250mm Handle Length

Extended Controller 500mm Handle Length

Extended Controller 500mm Handle Length


The control unit of the JumboSprint is the ideal option when lifting heavy, compact loads that are rough or difficult to lift manually. The operator can use both hands to quickly and effortlessly lift and steer the product precisely from one location to another.

Features Include:

  • Robust construction withstands harsh operating conditions
  • Easily adjustable hover height
  • Precise product location due to a more “hands on” design
  • Easily accessed filter body for quick cleaning


Load classes

The various load classes permit selection of the best Jumbo for handling the desired workpiece. Lifting capacities up to 300kg.


* 90° swiveling for JumboErgo only


Schmalz Vacuum Lifting Device