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Expanda Cable Stockings


Expanda Cable stockings were first produced by LB Wire Ropes in the 1970’s to assist riggers replacing wire rope on cranes. Today Expanda Cable Stockings are used in many industries from mining and construction to electrical and the marine industry.Expanda Cable Stockings are used in applications where there is a requirement to grip a cylindrical object. When a force is applied to an end of an Expanda Cable Stocking it causes the stocking to elongate and contract. The grip of Expanda Cable Stocking’s is generated by the friction created between the stocking material and the cylindrical object when the stocking contracts.Typical applications of the Expanda Cable Stocking’s include:Hose Restraints: Extensive use in mining applications has proven Expanda Cable Stockings to be an effective and economical solution to the restraint of high pressure hoses.
Pulling: Expanda Cable Stockings can be used to join two ropes to pull through sheaves to re-rope cranes or other sheave arrangements. Also used to pull ropes and cables from pits.
Hauling: Expanda Cable Stockings are a valuable tool for hauling rope, cables and conductor  through underground conduit or on overhead lines.Our clients include:

Crane operators
Elevator operators
Marine and offshore contractors
Mining operators and contractors
Oil rig operators
Overhead line contractors
Pipe and trench cable laying operators
Wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators

The approximate break load (ABL) is based on destruct testing performed on the relevant size cable stocking and differs from the aggregate break strength (ABS) which the sum of the minimum break load of the individual wires in the cable stocking. Cable stockings typically yield a break load lower than the ABS as the wires in combination behave differently compared to a straight line pull. It is recommended that a safety factor of at least 5:1 is applied to the ABL for normal risk operations. A higher safety factor should be considered for high risk operations.Styles:
Expanda Cable Stocking’s are available in a number of sizes, types, materials and weave patterns. The standard sizes suit diameters ranging from 8mm to 180mm. Larger sizes are made on request. Different types are:

Type A: Single eye closing one end, open the other end. Suitable to attach over the end of the cable only.
Type B: Double off-set eyes, open both ends. Suitable to attach anywhere along the length of the cable.
Type C: Double off-set eyes, open both ends, made flat to enable stocking to be “laced up” around cable in-situ.
Type D: No eye tubular section, open both ends. Suitable for joining two cables together.
Type R: Single off-set eye, open both ends. Suitable to attach anywhere along the length of the cable.
Type L: Single looped eye, open both ends. Suitable to attach anywhere along the length of the cable.

Expanda Cable Stocking’s can be made in a standard weave or a heavy duty weave where extra strength is required. The materials used can be any combination of Stainless Steel wire rope or Galvanised wire rope with Aluminium or Copper Ferrules, or a complete Nylon product.