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Camlok TSZ Two Way Screw Clamps

Camlok TSZ two way screw clamp Camlok TSZ multidirectional screw clamp for plate steel


The TSZ ‘two way’ screw clamps have all the same features of the TSD but have the additional benefit of a second lifting point enabling it to pull in two different directions.

The multi-directional design for horizontal and vertical lifting applications is suited to the construction and manufacturing industry.

NB. The plate surface of the material to be lifted must not exceed a hardness level of HRC 50/Brinell 480.



Part Number Model Working Load Limit (kgs) Jaw Capacity (mm) Weight (kgs)
CL-TSZ500 TSZ500 500 0 – 28 3
CL-TSZ1500 TSZ1500 1500 0 – 35 5
CL-TSZ3000 TSZ3000 3000 0 – 35 9
CL-TSZ5000 TSZ5000 5000 0 – 40 16
CL-TSZ7500 TSZ7500 7500 0 – 40 21