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Pacifc Magnetic Lifters

Magnet lifter


Pacific Magnetic Lifters can be used in various industries for the lifting and moving of steel, engine parts, semi-manufactured goods and moulds. Due to its magnetic force, there is no need to use slings, clamps or other holding devices. This will eliminate the chance of damaging the lifted materials.


• the magnetic lifter features a breakaway force 3.5 times greater than the working load limit

• weight capacities are available from 100kg to 6000kg

• no electricity needed which will increase product safety. Once operated there is less than 1% residual magnetism

• the simple switch and safety button design allows for one handed operation

• use of plate with high-carbon content will reduce the absorbability to less than 50% of rated capacity. Use of plate with high carbon content is not recommended


Capacity 100kg 300kg 600kg 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 6000kg
Part Number CL-PML-1 CL-PML-3 CL-PML-6 CL-PML-10 CL-PML-20 CL-PML-30 CL-PML-60
Cylindrical Carrying Capacity (kg) 50 150 300 500 1000 1500 3000
Max Break-away Force (kg) 350 1050 2100 3500 7000 10500 21000
Net Weight (kg) 3 10 24 50 125 240 440


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