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Track Cranes

Free standing track crane


Many configurations are available. The two most common track system support methods are the free standing (as shown), or ceiling supported.

Types Of Track Crane

Free Standing

This type of system is typically provided in a format similar to the accompanying picture. The crane comprises a bridge, two runways, and two portal frame support structures.

The free standing configuration allows for a great deal of flexibility when size and positioning are concerned.

The runway track sections can be joined together and have more support structures. This allowing it to have a greater long travel length.

Ceiling Supported

This type of system is typically provided with a series of “droppers” which are connected directly to your ceiling structure, and which support the runways of the crane system.

The runways for these types of cranes are generally made to suit the span of the ceiling, so that a reduced number of supports are required.

A stiffening spine is welded to the back of the runway track section when larger spans are required.


This type of system comprises the same bridges and runways as the other two types, however, this system is supported using a series of posts and cross beams which have supports on only one side of the system.

The advantage of this is that clear access is given to the other side of the crane, with no posts to get in the way of forklifts or pedestrian traffic.


Track Cranes are available in lifting capacities of 45kg, 85kg, 125kg, 160kg, 200kg, 250kg, 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg.

Bridges are available in lengths from 2.0m to 8.0 metres in half metre increments.

Runways lengths are available in multiples of 3m, 4m, 6m and 8m.

Height of support structure is made to order.


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