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Transport Chain Kit


Loadmax G70 Transport Chain Kits give the benefits of cleanliness, lightweight, strength and reliability, therefore making it ideal for tie-down applications for the transport and shipping industries.

• size available from 6 to 13mm and supplied with Grab Hook or Claw Hook

• any lengths can be supplied with other fittings upon request

• all Grade 70 Transport Chain Kits come with re-usable plastic containers

• complies with AS 4344, Batch Test Certificate available upon request


Part Number Lashing Capacity
End Fitting Size
TP-0606 2300 Grab Hooks 6mm x 6m
TP-0807 3800 Grab Hooks 8mm x 7m
TP-0809 3800 Grab Hooks 8mm x 9m
TP-1007 6000 Grab Hooks 10mm x 7m
TP-1009 6000 Grab Hooks 10mm x 9m
TP-1309 9000 Grab Hooks 13mm x 9m

* Other lengths and hooks also available.