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Truck (Replacement Winch Straps)


Loadmax Winch Straps combined with Truck Winches are the complete lashing system with the benefits of high pretension and less damage to cargo for general transport requirements.

• lashing capacities available from 2,500kg to 5,000kg with Webbing widths from 50mm to 75mm

• manufactured from high tenacity polyester Webbing with 2 x protective sleeves and heavy duty Hook and Keepers stamped with lashing capacity

• ID tagged with lashing capacity, strap length, safety information, date of manufacture and batch numbered and branded Loadmax for traceability

• complies with AS/NZS 4380 and with Batch Test Certificate available upon request


Part Number Lashing Capacity
End Fitting Size
WR02.50H05.0B 2500 H/Keeper 50mm x 5m
WR02.50H09.0B 2500 H/Keeper 50mm x 9m
WR02.50H11.0B 2500 H/Keeper 50mm x 11m
WR02.50H13.0B 2500 H/Keeper 50mm x 13m
WR03.00H09.0B 3000 H/Keeper 75mm x 9m
WR05.00H09.0B 5000 H/Keeper 75mm x 9m