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VacuMaster Eco

Schmalz VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device Schmalz VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device


Vacuum handling without an external power supply

The VacuMaster Eco is a self-priming vacuum lifting device, that uses the weight of the workpiece and the weight of the lifter, to generate its own vacuum capable of lifting the workpiece with safety.

To lift a load, a simple procedure of lowering the VacuMaster Eco on to the workpiece and allowing the lifting chain to go slack is all that is required. An internal valve is automatically switched and the lifter is then raised again to lift the workpiece.

Smooth and air-tight workpieces can be safely handled, with a battery powered audible safety device providing feedback to the operator

Features Include

      • Safe handling of smooth, air-tight workpieces without an external power supply
      • Safe operation thanks to a battery powered warning device with battery test function
      • Can be used anywhere, as no connections are required

Modular Components

The vacuum lifter has been designed to be very modular. Choosing from different components, a unique specialised lifting system can be created. By using different vacuum pumps, main beams, cross beams, suction plates, suction plate holders and control handles, a lifting device can be created to best suit the workpiece.

Basic Operator Handle

  • Fatigue-free work thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of all control elements
  • Optional Cradle support for hoist pendant
  • Individual handle lengths to match the maximum workpiece dimensions
Basic Module

  • Minimum sensitivity to dirt
  • Easily readable vacuum gauge
  • Integrated, battery-operated warning device
Long-life Vacuum Pumps

  • Pump size can be selected to match the properties of the workpiece
  • Regulated vacuum generators, pump with energy-saving function (Comfort model)
  • Country-specific voltages available
Aluminium Main Beam

  • Main beam cavity becomes a large integrated vacuum reservoir
  • Integrated vacuum distributor channel provides a neat and compact vacuum hose system
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Corrosion-resistant
Adjustable Cross Beams

  • Utilises modern technical plastic materials
  • Easily slide the cross beams along the main beam without scratching
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Tested functionality and high reliability
Adjustable Suction-Pad Holders

  • Utilises modern technical plastic materials
  • Easily slide the suction pads along the cross beam without scratching
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Tested functionality and high reliability
Large range of suction pads

  • Individual selection of the suction pads to suit the size and weight of the workpiece
  • Suction plates SPU for lifting workpieces with smooth surfaces
  • Suction plates SPK for lifting workpieces with structured surfaces such as checker plates
  • Pad sizes range in size from Ø125mm to Ø400mm
  • Suction plates have replaceable seals to reduce running costs


Parking feet for preventing damage to the suction pads.
Parking feet for preventing damage to the suction pads.



Model  Maximum load horiz / vert (kg)  Workpiece format  Handling of the load  Number of suction pads  Overall height (mm)  Intrinsic weight (kg) 
Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm)
VacuMaster Eco 75 75 / 0 4000 x 2000 220 x 220 horizontal 1 368 – 873 8
VacuMaster Eco 250 250 / 0 3000 x 1500 350 x 350 horizontal 1, 2, 4, 6 570 – 825 25 – 68
VacuMaster Eco 500 500 / 0 4000 x 2000 480 x 480 horizontal 1, 4, 6, 8 850 – 1120 82 – 131
VacuMaster Eco 750 750 / 0 4000 x 2000 360 x 360 horizontal 4, 6, 8 1050 – 1126 109 – 131
VacuMaster Eco 1000 1000 / 0 4000 x 2000 625 x 625 horizontal 1, 4, 8 980 – 1390 138 – 309


Schmalz Vacuum Lifting Device