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Vital Lever Block VR-2 Series

Lever block


Vital is a Japanese brand which is globally recognised for their high quality products. The VR-series lever blocks feature a “lock-in and lock-out” braking system which is the more traditional style, with a free- wheeling system requiring the disengagement of the gear drive mechanism, and which is impossible with any load suspended on it. These lever blocks are ideally suited for the (underground) mining, aerospace and energy industries.


• manufactured in Japan using optimum high quality steel which conforms to the strict JIS & ISO regulations

• all Vital models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2

• Vital lever blocks can be supplied with overload protection for added 
security of use (excluding 250kg and 500kg models)

• the unique design of the bottom hook prevents slipping and ensures safe operation

• easy two-step operation to prevent accidental free-wheeling

• hardened alloy steel load chain with embossed identification, marked as to the relevant standards

• Load Chain exceeds Australian Standards with 5:1 Safety Factor

• the Vital VR-2 series are suitable for tandem lifting applications


Capacity 800kg 1600kg 3200kg 6300kg
Part Number BL0.80L1.5-PVV BL1.60L1.5-PVV BL3.20L1.5-PVV BL6.30L1.5-PVV
Standard Lift Height (m)* 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Pull to lift load (kg) 15 18 38 39
New Weight (kg) 6.9 9.7 16.3 26.7
Chain Size (mm) 6.3 7.1 9.0 9.0
No of Falls 1 1 1 2

* Vital lever blocks with customised lift heights are available.


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