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13mm Response® Abseil Braid


Donaghys 13mm Response® abseil braid is a rigorous and industrial line with hard wearing sheath resistance to abrasion. Designed with Core/Sheath hammonisation to provide flexibility and control in the broad application of rescue usage. 113 G/M, AS4142.3 and EN1891 Compliant. Colours: Orange, Black & Yellow. Hanging by a thread


Response® abseiling braids are manufactured to the construction standards defined in the Std EN 1891: 1998 as “Low Stretch Kernmantel Rope, a textile rope consisting of a core enclosed by a sheath designed for use by persons in rope access including all kinds of work positioning and restraint; for rescue and speleology”.
Our 16 plait sheath (jacket) offers optimal balance and flexibility combined with wear and abrasion resistance. The sheath is harmonised to the twisted yarns of the core positioned parallel through the length of the braid.

TRACER THREAD: A marker tape is embedded in the core with the clear identification of the recognised standards the braid is certified and will perform to. Additionally a coloured marker yarn is inserted corresponding with the recorded year of manufacture within our Quality Assurance system.

PARALLEL CORE YARNS: The sheath is harmonised to the twisted yarns of the core positioned parallel through the length of the braid. Virgin multifilament polyamide nylon is used in both the core and sheath construction.

SHEATH: The 16 plait sheath uses optimised production technology to give low elongation values and minimise sheath slippage. The jacket is full colour, and the number of flecks designate the size to save confusion. The jacket colour starkly contrasts that of the core as a strong visual wear indication.


Response® abseiling braids are manufactured from premium grade polyamide nylon. This fibre is relatively light with a specific gravity of 1.14 but will not float. Its melting point is well in excess of 200°C. Yarn elongation is around 40% at break however, elongation and tensile strength are reduced between 5-10% when wet.
Polyamide nylon is sensitive to some strong oxidising agents and mineral acids. It becomes soluble in formic acid, concentrated sulphuric acid and phenolic compounds.

This fibre is resistant to diluted mineral acid, organic acids and alkalis, organic solvents, mildew and fungi.


• All Response® braids contain a marker yarn in the core to identify
the year of manufacture. The colour marker is changed each calendar year and a record is held of the sequence of change. ie. 2003 marker identification colour is red.

• Certified AS4142.3:1993 compliant braids contain a marker tape with the statement “Donaghys Response® abseiling braid for static life rescue line. AS4142.3:1993 compliant” which repeats each
25cm through the length of the braid.
• CertifiedEN1891:1998compliantbraidscontainamarkertape with the statement “Donaghys Response® nylon abseiling braid
for static life rescue line. EN1891:1998 compliant” which repeats each 35cm through the length of the braid. Additionally each end is externally marked with the diameter in mm, Type classification A or B and the standard designation EN1891:1998.

BREAKFORCE KN: A tensile breakforce is measured from a clean break between the holding apparatus either end. Ropes of high tensile strength have distinct advantage and flexibility over lesser brands. The conversion factor of 1 kN = 101.9716 Kg’s. The conversion factor of 1 Kg = 2.20462 Lb’s.

KNOT BREAKFORCE: The weakest point in a braid will become the highest pressure point where angled or terminated. The knot breakforce is a measure of retained strength. Knots tested to AS 4142.3:1993 require an overhand knot to be used in the measurement. The balance and core/sheath harmonisation in construction differentiates the master manufacturing expertise of one brand over another.

STRENGTH: Safety factor note in AS4142.3:1993. “A safety factor of not less than eight is considered to be an appropriate margin of safety to reflect ageing, environmental effects, and the ideal usage, including the tying of knots in the rope during its use. Warning: Users should ensure that equipment used in conjunction with the rope is suitable for the task it is required to perform.”

FALL TESTS: Key safety results for a working braid in use. Fall tests are conducted to measure the repeated shock of a deadweight (80Kg to
EN 1891:1998) and the braids ability to retain its structure. The fall arrest peak force identifies the maximum impact force on the braid user in a simulated fall. The shock absorption characteristic is very important to user safety.

ELONGATION AT WORKING LOADS: Elongation is measured at pre- determined load factors. Lower elongation at lesser loads minimises the injury risks associated with bouncing from a fall, however a minimum of 20% elongation is required at break to assist the shock absorption properties of the braid.

KNOTABILITY: Knotability measurements relate to the required space to form a knot. A braid which settles snugly on itself within the knot strongly indicates good flexibility. Lower test measurements are preferred.

SHEATH PROPORTIONS: The balance core and sheath determines several characteristics within the braid. High sheath proportion gives added abrasion resistance when coupled with consistency and uniformity of fibre alignment. High abrasion resistance is directly correlated with product life cycle in reasonable use. It should also be noted that a braids strength will primarily be derived from the core and on this basis the grams per metre width of the total braid must be considered concurrently.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The practice of static descent for the purpose of sport, industrial or rescue usage, may involve inherent dangers emerging from technique or technical application or the impinging of external factors. Donaghys products are manufactured to the highest quality and certified to the standards so labelled, however correct and proper usage in conjunction with certified hardware is imperative to enhancing safety in use. In the case of misuse of any kind, full onus of responsibility rests with the user.


Part Number F13.0NB
Diameter 13mm
BreakForce (kgs) 4750
Base Colour Orange
Feck 1 Colour Black
No Strands Three
Felck 2 Colour Yellow
No Strands Three